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Laurie Smith, the tall redheaded regular on the popular reality TV show “Trading Spaces,” says lighting, not paint, not furniture, not architectural detail is the most critical element of good interior design. She has redecorated Katie Courics dressing room live on Today and entertains thousands of Trading Spaces fans with her witty and practical design ideas every week, in an interview with the Salem News she discusses why she thinks lighting is the most important element in a rooms design. You can read the article here.

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L Prize, a U.S. Department of Energy Contest To Create an LED based alternative to the incandescent bulb

Philips, the Dutch electronics giant that makes everything from clothes irons to medical equipment to light bulbs, believes that it’s about to become $10 million richer.  Philips announced today that it is the first company to submit an entry in L Prize contest sponsored by the US Dept Of Energy.  The contest is to create a viable LED based alternative to the incandescent bulb. The company has first-mover advantage, because if it’s shown that their lamp meets the rules, then Philips wins, even if another company enters later with better results.

In May 2008, the Department of Energy announced that it would award $10 million to the first company that developed a solid-state lamp that could replace a standard bulb. Among the criteria that had to be met: The lamp can use no more than 10 watts to create the equivalent light of a 60-watt incandescent bulb; the color of the light output has to mimic that of today’s incandescents; and the bulbs have to last at least 25,000 hours, about 12 times as long as today’s standard bulbs.

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Lighting For Older Adults
As people age, changes in vision occur that affect the ability to perceive and understand the world around them. For instance, there are normal age-related changes in the pupils (less light can enter the eye), the eyes’ accommodation speed decreases (it takes longer for eyes to transition to different light levels), and color perception weakens (yellowing of the lens makes it difficult to distinguish greens from blues). Older eyes also become more sensitive to glare–both direct glare (from a directly visible lighting source, such as an unshielded bulb) and indirect glare (a consequence of bright light bouncing off reflective surfaces, such as shiny floors). The Light Research Center (The LRC) a leading University based research center devoted to lighting research has has created an excellent publication answering common questions about vision and lighting posed by older adults and offers practical solutions to help them, their families and care givers. It can be downloaded here

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The Dark Sky movement is a campaign by people who want to reduce light pollution so people can see the stars in the night sky, to reduce the effects of unnatural lighting on the environment, and to cut down on energy usage. The movement started with professional and amateur astronomers alarmed that nocturnal glow from urban areas was blotting out the sight of stars

The dark-sky movement’s main activity is to encourage the use of full cutoff fixtures that cast little or no light upward, in public areas and generally to encourage communities to adopt lighting regulations. Above is a useful guide for choosing fixtures that reduce light pollution.
Read more on this subject here

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Professor Praveen Jain (Electrical and Computer Engineering) and PhD candidate John Lam

Electrical and Computer Engineering – Queen’s Researchers Shed Light on More Efficient CFL’s

Not all lighting research comes from the usual labs… and not all new products need be LEDs.
Queen’s university researchers work to improve the potential of CFL bulbs to be even more efficient, as well as dimmable.

Read the article here

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Philips is ahead of the game when it comes to special lightning methods. They now have introduced a ambient lightning window. It looks it is something from the future. But according to Philips this technique can be introduced very shortly in a hotel near you.

Watch the video to be amazed

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Read the article by<a href=””> clicking here</a>

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With the incandescent ban now in place in the EU. The rhetoric and hysteria in the media is beginning. Here is an article from the Guardian UK about speculators hoping to strike it rich hoping consumers will spend as much as £60 each for a frosted 100w lamp in just 2 years. With the plans for the phase out of certain incandescent bulb in North America just around the corner is this type of hysteria something we can look forward to?

You can read the article here

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Each PRECISION MicroEdge sink offers a choice of sink with faucet ledge or sink without ledge–a more minimalist look. Handcrafted in Germany of premium stainless steel, these sinks reflect the finest skilled craftsmanship and quality in a kitchen sink today.

All MicroEdge sinks pictured are shown with BLANCO SILHOUETTE faucet. Custom accessories, including sink grids as shown above, are available.

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