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Your home is your castle and as such the master bath is yours to do with whatever you want. You can outfit with the latest Grohe faucet, Duravit wash basin, Caroma high perfomance toilets and even put up wallpaper with images of clowns on unicycles. With your guest bathroom, it’s an entirely different story. You have the responsibility of honoring your overnight guest, presumably that you respect, who has been invited into your home. You want the guest bathroom to be at the hospitable, and at the most, a luxurious experience that will let your guest know how much you care. Don’t make the same mistakes that other hosts have made – use this Do’s & Don’ts list as a jumpstart for properly outfitting the guest bathroom and you will be well on your way to being awarded with the “Best Guest Bathroom of the Year” honor – if there is such a thing.

DO install a sink with good design and functionality. The Architec Washbasin Bowl offers angular contours and unique character without taking up valuable space. Its striking features convey a sense of beauty and harmony that is unsurpassed.

DO provide a modern and high performance toilet. Caroma Caravelle Elongated toilet offers contemporary design coupled with advanced performance. With a two button, dual flush system, it boasts a fully concealed trap way and is virtually un-blockable.

DO install a proper showerhead, preferably with a range of adjustments to suit individual users. The award winning Grohe Freehander offers a choice of two spray patterns: normal and massage. Switching from head shower to side shower is effortless with the award-winning Freehander. The ingenious design enables you to alternate between the two positions with one simple movement.

The best mirror lighting surrounds the face with light. This provides light from all sides that minimizes shadows under the chin, eyes, cheeks, and forehead. This does not mean that you have to use ‘Hollywood’ style lights (strips that use the round light bulbs). A wall sconce on either side of the mirror can work nicely. Normally you want the center of the fixture at about 66″ above the finished floor and at least 30″ apart (these specs will vary according to the particulars of the room and fixture). If the mirror is a whole wall mirror you can mount the fixtures right on the mirror. Avoid using ceiling mounted fixtures as the sole source unless the room is very small with light colored walls. Wall sconces like the Bentley collection from Murray Feiss with its smooth curves and contemporary style are a good choice.

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The graceful curved iron work of the Aren chandelier invites the eye up and creates a beautiful focal point to this kitchen. The Olde Bronze finish is complimented with Burnished Bronze accents which bring out the best in the cased opal glass. Not shown here, the chandelier can be converted to a semi-flush ceiling light for added flexibility.

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Faucets are small items but they play a significant role in defining  style and functionality in the kitchen and bathroom, today we would like to share some of the unique and trend setting faucet ideas by Aquabrass. It seem that thought and consideration is not always applied when choosing kitchen faucets – but if you get a great one, like the ones featured here – working in the kitchen becomes more enjoyable from every aspect of the task at hand. We like Gesto for the intriguing and unique looks while i-Spray boasts continuous lines and a soft touch control pad and LED temperature indicator. Both are super modern and would beautifully complement any contemporary kitchen. Made in Italy and always using innovative technologies, Aquabrass faucets are not only pleasing to look at but a joy to use as well.

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