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1974…It was year of the Watergate scandal, The Sting was a box-office hit, and aspiring artists and entrepreneurs George Chandler and Reed Hampton fired up their first blacksmithing forge in a drafty old Vermont barn.

With anvils, swage blocks, trip hammers and other tools from a bygone era, the two set out to revive the nearly forgotten craft of hand-forging raw metal into functional art. Their innovative designs became recognized for their simplicity and integrity. From these humble beginnings, one of the most respected brands in the industry was born.
Today, Hubbardton Forge is the oldest and largest commercial forge in the country with a team of over 200 people creating hand-forged lighting of timeless beauty and artistry…an American wrought-iron renaissance.Artistry. Integrity. Enduring Value. These time honored principles are built into every Hubbardton Forge design. Each piece is hand-forged one at a time by a team of skilled artisans at their forge in Castleton, Vermont. For the best selection, service and prices on Hubbarton Forge visit Norburn Lighting in Burnaby or Langley.  New for 2012 -Check out the Corona Collection.

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A properly lit office is  important. Just like a comfy chair or a warm cup of coffee, office lighting can vastly improve the hours you spend at a desk.

1.  All good lighting designs should include the three basic layers: task lighting, ambient or general lighting, and accent lighting.
2.  To reduce glare and eyestrain, evenly distributed ambient lighting may be provided with overhead ceiling fixtures, pendant lights and/or track lighting systems.  Large centrally located fluorescent ceiling fixtures may provide sufficient general illumination, but invest in upgraded bulbs with color rendering as close to natural sunlight.
3.  The torchiere is an excellent source for ambient illumination because it directs light up to reflect off of the ceiling and fill a room with indirect light.
4. Portable desk lamps and floor lamps allow you to move the light close to a task area. Angled and adjustable desk lamps aid in close reading and computer work.  A swiveled armed desk lamp or wall swing lamp will help defray outside illumination, especially where varying degrees of illumination stream through windows.  Use fluorescent or LED (light emitting diode) lamps for task lighting.
5.  For accent light, halogen lamps offer the best color rendering and especially soft soothing illumination.
Find lighting solutions is not hard,don’t worry,  At Norburn like always, we’ve got you covered: