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More and more energy smart Canadian’s are joining the FAN club and enjoying benefits and savings ceiling fans offer. Fan selection has evolved from purely function to include some serious design aesthetics. Create a focal point of interest with a modern aerodynamic design, restricted by ceiling height are room widths try a ceiling hugger or space saving model. Perfect for every room in the home in the living room, kitchen, bedroom and outdoor room, isn’t it time you became a fan?

We have the largest selection of fans in Canada. Visit us in-store for our full selection. There has never been a better time to shop for a ceiling fan.

View our selection online here 

Save on a huge selection of beautifully designed fans from some of the world’s leading brands including these;

There has never been a better time to shop for a ceiling fan. Save on a huge selection of fans from the world's leading brands

There has never been a better time to shop for a ceiling fan. Save on a huge selection of fans from the world’s leading brands
























Esprit Series 52″ Copper Bronze Ceiling Fan

52" Copper Bronze Finish Ceiling Fan

52″ Copper Bronze Finish Ceiling Fan







  • 52″ blade span
  • •includes wall-mounted Remote Control with 3 speeds and Light Dimmer
  • •integrated opal white glass halogen Light Kit – 75W T3 (bulb included)
  • •5 blades with 12° pitch
  • •153 x 22mm motor
  • •limited lifetime warrant
  • Model 5W5JO



Avalon Series 52″ Oil Brushed Bronze Ceiling Fan

52" Ceiling Fan with Oil Brushed Bronze finish and Matching blades

52″ Ceiling Fan with Oil Brushed Bronze finish and Matching blades







  • 52″ Ceiling Fan with Oil Brushed Bronze finish and Matching blades.
  • •Moonglow Uplighting – 4 x 15W candelabra (bulbs included with 1 extra)
  • •Integrated Glossy Opal White glass Light Kit – 1 x 100W mini-can (bulb included with 1 extra)
  • •5 blades with 52″ span and 12° pitch
  • •Full-function Remote Control with independent Up & Down Light Dimmers included
  • •153 x 20mm motor
  • Model 5WCG4



Barcelona Series 44″ Satin Nickel Ceiling Fan

44" Satin Nickel Finish Ceiling Fan

44″ Satin Nickel Finish Ceiling Fan











  • 44″ Ceiling Fan with Satin Nickel finish and Silver blades.
  • •RC8000 remote control included
  • •Integrated 75W mini-can light kit with white glass (bulb included with 1 extra)
  • •5 blades with 12 degree pitch
  • •153 x 12mm motor


The Aviator Series 42″ Satin Nickel  Ceiling Fan

42" Satin Nickel Ceiling Fan

42″ Satin Nickel Ceiling Fan









  • Ceiling Fan with Satin Nickel Finish and Maple / White Switch blades.
  • •42″ blade span
  • •hand -held remote control included
  • •integrated halogen light kit (1 x 75w T-3 bulb included)
  • •4 blades with 12° pitch
  • •153 x 10mm motor
  • •limited lifetime warranty

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With sixteen remarkable lighting collections to choose from, Authenticity Lighting is Norburn Lighting’s latest lighting brand offering. Authenticity Lighting was founded on the simple premise: produce beautiful, high quality lighting with an honest and straight forward declaration in design. To accomplish this, Authenticity Lighting took a fresh approach to every aspect of the design process, from initial sketches and design to material and finish selection, all the way through to final production.

The result are sixteen stunningly beautiful lighting collections of unique chandeliers, Victorian and transitional lighting and kitchen lights. From the Alta Collection, which redefines elegance and blends modern elements with classical shapes, to the Monarch Collection, which pays homage to the effortless floating freedom and natural grace of the Monarch butterfly, Authenticity Lightingis truly a classically inspired lighting design company for modern times.

We’re incredibly proud of this new Authenticity Lighting line and, in the end, we hope you enjoy these fixtures as much as we enjoyed bringing them for you.
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For more than a century Emerson has been setting the standard for ceiling fan quality, reliability and performance. Fan designs that combine form and function like never before. Fans that produce that “wow” response whenever you enter a room. Fans that express your personality, that reflect your lifestyle. Fans that help you get the most out of your heating and cooling dollars.

Meticulously engineered, hand crafted and built to last.  Because today it’s about more than just moving air.  It’s about moving air in style.

At Emerson, quality has been our hallmark for over 110 years.  Emerson  invented the world’s first alternating current fan motor and have led the way in the ceiling fan technology and design innovation.  Today, Emerson remains a recognized leader in fan motor technology.  The entire line of Emerson ceiling fans and accessories has been developed with an emphasis on quality, variety and style.

Each Emerson fan features meticulous workmanship and the finest materials available.  The Emerson K55XL motor is one of the best performing ceiling fans in the industry and Emerson fans are backed by some of the strongest warranties in the business.

Emerson offers a wide array of ceiling fans and accessories to match any décor.  Today, Emerso
n offers new fans, exclusive finishes and unique light fixtures, making the fan and light combinations nearly limitless.  The result is one of the most impressive selection of ceiling fans anywhere!

There’s no better way to add the finishing touches to a room than with an Emerson ceiling fan. Emerson fans excel in beauty and style and are built to last. With so many fans and accessories to choose from, you can always design the perfect fan combination for years of enjoyment.

Not Your Typical Import Motors

For fans that do not utlize the Emerson K55XL motor  Emerson continues to provide high quality motors.  Here are five reasons why all Emerson motors are better than competition:

High Quality Bearings – From a premium manufacturer, to provide a lifetime of silent and   reliable operations

Stricter Sound Testing – In sound rooms designed to Emerson specifications for silent operation in your home

Flatter Laminations – Allow for tighter stack and prevents motor buzz noise

Precision Machined Motor Endshields – Guarantees the bearing seats and and laminations are a true match

assembled correctly for strong reliability

Motor Assembly Procedures – Ensure the final assembly is defect free