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back to school must have portables

It’s officially September which means Back to School is just around the corner, and only 16 days left of our Perfectly Portable Sale!
Here are some desk lamps that will get you ready for those late night cram sessions—or late night relaxations:

This desk lamp from Kendal Lighting has a minimalist design available in polished nickel, satin nickel, and antique brass. The lamp features a lever near the neck of the lamp to adjust the angle of light, and an on/off switch on the base.


This desk lamp is another classic design by Kendal Lighting that is available in satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and chrome. This lamp has the same swivel lever feature to adjust the angle of light, but has a flatter shade and a dial switch on the base.


 The Cerv LED Table Lamp from Kendal Lighting has a sleek contemporary style, finished in chrome with white acrylic. The light output can be adjusted using the touch control on the base, which offers three light levels. 


 This Compact LED desk lamp from Dainolite has an adjustable head, and a touch dimmable switch on the base including a night light feature. Available in a matte black finish. 


 The Flat LED desk lamp from Modern Forms has adjustable arms that can be folded when it is not in use, perfect for counter tops, desks, and other work surfaces with limited space. This desk lamp is fully dimmable, with fingertip touch technology. 


Inspired by balance and stability, the Disc LED desk lamp from Modern Forms has a fingertip touch dimmer, and is available in a black finish.

TL-1610 modern forms

 The Suspension from Modern Forms has 180 degree adjustable arms which also makes it ideal for those with limited space. The desk lamp has a fingertip touch dimmer feature and a USB port for recharging electronic devices. This lamp is available in a black finish. 


For more portable lamp options or to find out what other items are part of the Perfectly Portable Sale, contact or visit our showroom. Our Specialist are always happy to help!

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Autumn Inspired Lighting


Why are we so infatuated with Autumn? Perhaps it is because Autumn gives us a sense of warmth and marks the beginning of festivities. Autumn is the season that kisses Summer into a deep slumber and anticipates the cool embrace of Winter. Known for being a well loved season, the distinct characteristics of Autumn can often be seen in various lighting design:

1) Being One With Nature

Bare branches, and graceful falling leaves are quintessential of Autumn, and gives a sense of tranquility. The Aldo (Eurofase), Tree Branch (Elk Lighting), and Aspen (Elk Lighting) represent nature during this transitional phase.
The Aldo highlights the beauty of barren branches as the sculpture suspends within an open LED frame. The Tree Branch lamp has a base resembling the roots of a tree, and the Aspen incorporates the raw texture of Aspen bark.



2) Warm Tones

Dusty cedar, hickory, tan, and other neutrals are often associated with Autumn, as well as warm metals such as copper, bronze, rust, and antique finishing.

These warm tones can be seen in a variety of fixtures, such as the Rebar Studio (Artcraft), Jersey (Artcraft), and the Swing (Progress).
The architectural use of rebar material, exposed pipes and exposed bulbs gives these fixtures an urban industrial appeal, and is further enhanced with dark metals and vintage undertones of brass and bronze.


3) Fabric/Texture

Thick fabrics, rich tones, and texture mark the beginning of “sweater weather” in Autumn. The Bali Chandelier (Maxim) and Kelp Mirror (Feiss) are reminiscent of “sweater weather” qualities.

The white inner shade of the Bali chandelier provides a soft backdrop for the woven string pattern replicating the look of a ball of yarn, while the Kelp mirror offers a unique textured frame similar to kelp.


4)Mix of Wood and Metal

The marriage of wood and metal symbolizes the Autumn activities that often take part outside the city limits. The wagon that carries the pumpkins from the pumpkin patch, or the barn that provides a dwelling space to escape the cold use a combination of wood and metal. The Collingwood (Artcraft), and the Fornes (Eglo) demonstrates two variations of the mixture of wood and metal.
The Collingwood pendant is finished in walnut and dark metal hardware, exuding a rustic appeal, while the Fornes embraces modernity with the use of clean lines, and LED technology. The Fornes also has a wood finish with steel hardware.


5) Reflection

The Autumn season also signifies a time of reflection, which is represented by the Autumn (Hubbardton Forge), and the Wicker Mirror (Dimond Lighting).
The Autumn pendant is a true reflection of the Autumn season, capturing the look of cascading leaves in it’s entirety. The Wicker Mirror offers a reflective surface, with a wicker designed frame that gives a nod to past decades.norburn-lighting-autumn-inspired-reflection

Though Autumn has a brief presence, you can find its qualities in a variety of fixtures and portables that will last beyond a season. Check out our showroom for more selections and the latest design in lighting.

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Perfectly Portable Sale

We are starting off our new theme with a sale! All regular price portables, such as desk lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, and mirrors will be 10 to 40% off from September 1, 2016 until September 15, 2016.

Whether you are looking for something to help you function during another school year, or simply looking for a decorative element to finish the look of your home, portables can satisfy your functional and decorative needs.

Perfectly Portable allows you to be adventurous with trends and style decisions without having to permanently commit. Portables can help add visual interest, by adding a pop of colour, a different texture, or shape to a room.  Portables are made to be convenient, and can transform a room into greater heights.

Find a portable that speaks to you!

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Industrial/Loft Inspired Lighting

industrial loft style

The industrial/loft style embraces raw, unfinished, and exposed elements that give an overall relaxed and casual feel. Exposed brick walls, beams, unfinished wood floors, and concrete are some of the characteristics associated with an industrial-loft.


Here are some products that can help add an industrial style to your space:

 1. Rockport

Rockport Concrete Table Lamp

The Rockport lamp is made of polished concrete with a burlap shade. The neutral pallet of the lamp makes it a versatile piece, and is a subtle way to incorporate an industrial style to any space.


2. Swing

Swing 1-Light Pendant

The Swing 1-Light pendant has an open-concept design that features a vintage Edison bulb at the center, and uses mix metal accents of vintage bronze. The exposed bulb design incorporates the “raw” characteristic of industrial style, and defies past faux pas with the use of mix metals. 


3. Gastown

Gastown Pendant

The Gastown 5-Light pendant has a meshed graphite shade with rich dark tones reminiscent of steel warehouse windows.

4. Rebar Studio

Rebar Studio

The Rebar Studio chandelier is designed with reinforcing bars, commonly used in construction projects to support concrete. The reinforcing bars are wrapped around the outer shade, while the inner shade is made of a metal mesh.


5)Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf

The Canary Wharf  is the epitome of industrial style, having a deconstructed and weathered down appeal. The Canary Wharf is made of hand-crafted iron that mimics the look of exposed pipes and gears, and finished in Burnt Sienna.




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Guaranteed to help you see your homework better!

Brighten your work space, craft table or homework area with as LED desk lamp from Norburn Lighting. Whether you require a lamp for your home office or late at night for homework a contemporary LED desk lamp lets you see colors clearly while you read, write or work online. The right desk lamp can make work less tiring and more effective and will add to your decor, too.


Back-to-Cool Sale

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Portable lamps are those familiar fixtures we see in living rooms, family rooms, offices and hotel suites. When properly utilized, portable lamps can be the lighting solution for bedrooms, dining rooms, or foyers, and are ideal for use on a side table next to a sofa. A torchiere lamp is a great alternative to ceiling fixtures when you want to add more light to a room but prefer softer lighting. A well chosen table lamp will provide just the right light level while complementing your personal decorating style.

Portable lamps are available in a nearly limitless number of options, yet all too often little consideration is given to lighting design. Table lamps are probably the most overused lighting source used in residences. People expect a lamp to perform too many functions at once; decorative, accent, task and general lighting. The usual scenario is a sea of lampshades that draws the eyes attention away from everything except the lampshade.

[cincopa AAGAKj6xmWlL]

When designing a room is the linen lamp shade really the first thing you want people to see, or do you want them to see the fantastic art, photographs, sumptuous room colors or furniture you have selected. Remember the eye is naturally drawn to light and glare.

Table and floor lamps work well when they are selected with care. A lamp with a translucent shade (linen, rice paper, silk, etc) works best as a decorative light source. Using a 25 watt incandescent ( 5 Watt CFL) they will create little islands of light that draw people to seating areas and add scale and comfort to a room.

For reading, choose a fixture with an opaque liner or perforated metal lid. The illumination is directed downward onto the table or across one’s lap.

How to Choose a Size
One of the most important things to consider when deciding on a table lamp is the height at which the shade will sit once placed on a table. The lamp’s bulb and socket should not be visible. The glare from a visible bulb will interfere detract from the beauty of your table lamp. If you are planning to use the lamp for reading, take measurements to be sure the lamp will be tall enough to cast its light over your shoulder. The bottom of the shade should be about even with your cheekbone when you are sitting.

Remember that a shade with a wider lower brim will cast more light on the surrounding area below it and better facilitate reading. A narrower brim will cast less direct light.

How Much Light?
Table lamps should satisfy lighting requirements as well as complement décor. Be sure to find out what a lamp’s maximum wattage is before you purchase. Never use a higher wattage bulb than specified on your lamp.

Be sure to consider the functional as well as decorative features of the type of shade you choose, too. A white or off-white fabric shade will be translucent allow high light output. A darker or opaque shade will limit the light output and is useful when you want to create a more subtle lighting effect. A darker, non-translucent lampshade with silver or gold lining will create a pleasant glow around the room.

If you love the freedom to easily change the light level around you, consider getting a table lamp that accommodates 3 way  bulbs. For even more lighting flexibility, a lamp with a built-in dimmer switch will offer a range of lighting levels for any occasion whatever the time of day.

Energy-saving compact fluorescent light bulbs can be substituted for standard incandescent bulbs in most table lamps. They have a longer life, and they use considerably less energy than their incandescent counterparts. Keep in mind that only dimmable compact fluorescent bulbs should be used in lamps with incandescent dimmer switches.

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When it comes to lighting your home, accent lighting makes all the
difference. Bedside lamps are an easy way to add a final touch to your
room. Is there anything more relaxing than settling in for the night
and reading a good book with functional and aesthetically pleasing
lighting? Norburn offers bedroom lamps for every style, size and
budget. We offer swing arm wall lamps and lights in a variety of
styles, finishes and shade colors to choose from.

Conserve space on your nightstand by installing a pair of swing arm
wall lamps. Swing arm wall lamps save space in your home, make
beautiful accent pieces and provide great task lighting in your bedroom.

Wall swing lamps provide the right amount of lighting, so that you can
spend late nights catching up on your emails from the comfort of your
bedroom. Or, perhaps you want to read a magazine, while your spouse
sleeps. You’ll be able to read without disturbing your partner when you
switch on your swing arm wall lamp on your side of the bed!

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Backed by 50 years of research, the Heritage™, like all Verilux products – has all the benefits of full spectrum daylight scientifically tuned to the human eye™, without any of the harmful UV and glare.
The timeless design and ultimate function of the Heritageâ„¢ makes it the finest reading lamp in the world. Features include:

  • All-metal construction, with a hand-polished antiqued brushed nickel or brass finish
  • Microprocessor controlled power adapter
  • Verilux® technologies of:
    • Flicker Elimination Technology® which adjusts light output 20,000 times each second so your eyes relax.
    • Optix® glare control- a revolutionary filtration system which focuses the rays of light so they provide unparalleled color rendering, higher black-and-white contrast and no glare from shiny magazine pages.
    • Ergonomic design that allows easy height and light direction.