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Bain Ultra

Bainultra Bath Tubs

Bainultra Bathtubs are  well known in the industry for style and functionality.
Norburn Lighting has the best selection of hydro thermo massage and therapeutic massage Bain Ultra bathtubs in Western Canada

Here are 9 reasons to choose an Ultra Bathtub

1. Efficient
Bainultra Bathtubs Provide a gentle and even massage from head to toe.

2. Personalized therapy
A massage customized to your needs: an electronic keypad gives you complete control of the intensity and duration of the massage. Add any therapeutic product to the water to create your own spa treatments at home.

3. Hygienic
Bain Ultra Bathtubs are designed for complete drainage with a safeguard purge cycle that effectively blow-dries the system after each use.

4. Safe
No water circulation means the bath can run without water. No suction plate means no suction of long hair or tiny objects.

5. Comfortable
Bainultra bathtubs are shaped and molded to fit the body; may feature headrests, armrests, grab bars and/or lumbar support.

6. Quality product
Bain Ultra bathtubs are built from the highest quality materials, scratch and stain-resistant. Top-of-the-line unique electronic components.

7. Easy installation
Can be installed like a regular bath. Electric hook-ups as easy as ABC.

8. Therapeutic support
Our therapeutic research allows us to provide you with support tools such as the Guide to the Hydro-thermo Massage that will help you discover the beneficial effects of hydro-therapy on the body. This research is the basis for the development of our specially prepared essential oil mixtures and is the starting point for our future research into light therapy, negative ions and other therapy innovations.

9. Superior warranty
20-year warranty on the bath and motor
5-year warranty on the electronic control

Bain Ultra Air Massage Bathtubs are sold at Norburn Lighting and Bath  in Burnaby BC. We also welcome residents of Vancouver and surrounding areas such as Coquitlam, Surrey, West and North Vancouver to visit us and see the many models on display

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Soak away the stress of the day in this elegant and sublime oval freestanding bathtub by Bainultra. Organic, pure rounded lines envelope you as you relax in the spacious new Essencia, available with its chromatherapy and hydro thermo massage functions. Lean back against the heated backrest while the water massages your body, thanks to the bathtub’s 46 air jets. You will be completely surrounded by air jets.  Built-in footrests and a raised seat enhance the massaging effect on your legs, while the V-shaped backrest supports your spine. A control panel allows you to personalise your bathing experience – adjust the backrest temperature, air jet pressure, session duration and chromatherapy programme – as well as storing preferences for up to four users. Measuring L72” x W36” x H27”, this new oval bathtub is available in white and benefits from an easy clean surface. The original air jet system, often copied, never equaled. The Bain Ultra air injection system ensures full drainage and completely dry air channels. The slope of the air channel and the strategic location of the air jets ensure optimal drainage. Any surplus water is forced out of the velocity pockets by air pressure during the drying cycle which automatically activates 10 minutes after a session. A powerful 90 second burst of air dries the air channel completely.  Optional accessories include a massage table that fits across the top of the tub, and a relaxation chair and footrest. For more information visit one or our showrooms. Norburn is your store for Bain Ultra in Vancouver.

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Soaking in a bathtub offers a sense of well being, relieves aching muscles, calms the mind and nourishes the spirit. Indulge all of these therapeutic benefits in any of the four free-standing bathtubs from the aquabagno collection.

This is the shape of things to come. The Aquabagno line of freestanding baths introduces a premium man-made Stone construction that allows for new geometries, textures and designs for the modern bath. The Aquabagno line offers the beauty of real stone yet is warm and comfortable against the body. And it’s easy to clean. Aquabagno bathtubs will be the focal point of any bathroom.

  • Man-made Stone construction (Unsaturated Polyester Resin,Calcium powder)
  • Glossy finished
  • High resistant gel coat
  • Weight: 140 Kg
  • Capacity: 400 Liters
  • Pop up drain
  • 1 1/2” drain connection
  • Overflow

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