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Artcraft – Organic


New to our showroom is the Organic Collection by Artcraft, available as a 4 light semi-flush and as an 8 light chandelier. The collection is reminiscent of a molecular architecture with dark metal framework, and dimpled clear glass to feature exposed bulbs. The metal arms are adjustable allowing for flexibility in style, and comes with a hangstraight and additional rods to accommodate sloped ceilings, and different ceiling heights. This collection is a great way to integrate a bit of personality into any space!



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Artcraft Lighting Sale


Artcraft has been in the lighting industry for over 60 years, and takes pride in the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail they put into every product. Artcraft incorporates fashionable trends into functional pieces that are made to last.

If you are looking for a fixture before this year ends, our Artcraft sale is perfect for you! Artcraft offers a variety of styles to suit different rooms and preferences.

Here are a few fixtures that are part of the Artcraft Sale:

norburn-lighting-artcraft-sale1. Rebar Studio    2. Valenzia     3. Gastown    4. Greenwich
5. Bel-Air   
6. Wexford   7. Sterling

For more selection of Artcraft products or for sale prices for the above fixtures, contact or visit our showroom. Our Lighting Specialist are happy to help you find the right fixture for any space in your home.

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Pendant Lighting – Shop Norburn for the largest selection of Pendant Lighting in Vancouver – 100’s of styles  on display and in stock

WAC LED Pendant

WAC LED Pendant

A pendant light is a fixture that is suspended from the ceiling by a cord, chain or metal rod. Pendant lights are used in two ways – in multiples hung in a series or as a single light fixture. They are available in a multitude of shapes and sizes and are perfect for placing directed, deliberate pinpoints of light wherever it may be needed.

Types of Pendants

Norburn Lighting has a huge selection of pendant lighting styles including; mini-pendants, LED pendants, line voltage Incandescent or low voltage halogen, down light pendants,
light pendants and drum pendants.

Mini Pendants

WAC mini pendant mp-915-cf

Mini-Pendants are the smallest version of a pendant light fixture, commonly used to illuminate isolated work spaces such as kitchen islands, desk or work surface and anywhere additional task lighting is needed.

Mini-pendants are task lighting workhorses. They can define the mood of a room more because of their ability to create a focal point. Typically  low voltage halogen or  LED light sources that feature highly stylistic and elegant designs, mini-pendants command attention and fill a space with drama and beauty.

Shop Mini Pendants


Drum Pendants

DVI Drum Pendant dvp5306mo-swDrum Pendants are light fixtures that have a cylindrical drum shade, typically fabric. Drum Pendants can be used in every type of room from kitchen to bedroom, office to living room.

Simple white or natural linen shades are some of the  most popular  versions. Drum pendants with dark shades, crystal of metal accents, patterned fabrics and double or triple concentric shades are very popular.

Shop Drum Pendants




Multi Light Pendants

Mulit Light Pendant 227-3hp-pc

Multi Light Pendants are fixtures with multiple sockets connected to one central canopy that provide a look similar to a series of  single pendants, but are more convenient  to install for rooms with only one overhead electrical opening. Multi light pendants are dramatic, eye-catching and versatile. They can be used over dining room tables, billiard tables, kitchen counters, or other work areas.


Shop Multi Light Pendants




Pendant Light Use & Placement

Pendant lights are ideal for general, task, mood, and decorative lighting. Typically placed over a kitchen island, dining room table, game surface like a billiard table. They are also used in hallways. Below, we elaborate on the placement and usage of pendant lights in common areas.


Pendant Light Use & Placement over a Kitchen Island

Hanging Pendant Height KitchenTask lighting is important in a working room such as the kitchen. Pendant lights are commonly hung over kitchen islands providing adequate task lighting while also providing an opportunity to enhance the kitchen design.

When hanging a pendant light over a kitchen island, the pendant should be hung 30 to 40 inches above the island surface. Because kitchen islands are where family and guests gather, you should consider their interactions at the island when deciding on how low to hang your pendant. If the island has a cooking area, the pendant should not be a nuisance to the person cooking. If the island is used for homework or other work, the pendant should be hung low enough to provide sufficient light for reading.



Pendant Light Use & Placement over a Dining Room Table
DiningRoom_Pendant Height

Traditionally, a chandelier is used over a dining room table but you can change the  look and style by using a pendant fixture with dramatic results

Try hanging pendant lights so the bottom of the fixture is approximately 30 to 36 inches above the dining room table surface. This allows for maximum lighting without the fixture interfering with the area. If you have a smaller dining room table or are looking to create a more intimate setting, hang your pendant light lower. It is important to note that the fixture is not hanging so low that it creates a glare in your eyes or interferes with people conversing at the table.

Pendant Light Use & Placement over a Billiard (Pool) Table

Hanging Billiard_Pendant









Multi-light pendants are common pool table lights. When playing pool, direct illumination in addition to ambient lighting is necessary. Downward multi light pendants are the best fixture type to use because they illuminate the playing surface, eliminate glare and shadows and provide excellent illumination. When being used over a billiard table, the pendant light fixture should hang approximately 32 to 36 inches over the playing surface.



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Under cabinet lights are known by a variety of terms, they’re also called undermount lights, task lighting fixtures, kitchen under cabinet lights, and under cupboard lighting, puck lights, strip lighting, valance lighting to name a few. One of the more confusing terms used is  “under counter lights”

When we say under cabinet lighting, here’s what we mean:

Recessed or surface-mounted puck lights made with xenon, halogen, or LED light. Click for selection

Linear Task Lights , Fluorescent, LED, Xenon or Halogen Click For Selection









LED Tape Light Click for Selection
WAC LED Tape Light





Xenon Strip Lights Click for Selection

Xenon Strip Lighting

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It is a common misconception that all industrial style lighting  was all cold, hard edges and worn materials. The latest industrial offerings from Quoizel  challenge that with mainstream appeal in both modern and traditional homes.


The Eastvale Collection from Quoizel  lets you create your own personal industrial wow factor. The Eastvalle range shows particular designer flair when placed over a kitchen island bench or dining table. Set within an environment of contemporary white or traditional timber, the look is completed with your favourite pops of colour.

And remember, don’t be a slave to one particular trend. Mixing looks such as Industrial with vintage glamour or classic Scandinavian expresses your individuality and personal style.

Click here to view the collection

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Our Fall 2012 Light Collection is so exciting we couldn’t keep you in the dark any longer.Fall is the perfect time to revamp your home for a brighter, cosier hibernation. Add instant warmth to a room with a new lamp. Try mixing and matching multiple pendants for a clustered look that’s taking Europe by storm. Beautiful and stylish fixtures from Artcraft.

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Noburn Lighting in Burnaby is proud to announce the completion of its new lighting experience theatre.

What’s the best way to light a picture over the mantel? What kind of recessed down lights would be best in the great room?

Are low-voltage halogen recessed lights over the dining room table worth it? Will halogen spotlights really make my crystal look as good as it did in the jewellery store?

Is LED, fluorescent, xenon, or LED under cabinet lighting right for me?

Get the answers to these and many more lighting questions in our lighting theatre where you can experiment with various fixtures in realistic room settings until you find what works best for you.

The Juno lighting theatre showroom is designed to showcase the very best in lighting systems. The theatre showcases unique lighting solutions, from accenting décor and creating a specific mood to enhancing safety and security. Our stunning presentations and knowledgeable staff can satisfy every lighting control need. Schedule a tour with a design professional today.

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Usually smaller than 12″, mini pendants are hanging fixtures that uniquely and subtly beautify the space they illuminate.Contemporary, modern or  transitional mini pendants may be a perfect way to accent your interior design through lighting. You can also select from a variety of different lamp types including incandescent, LED and halogen depending on the amount of light need for a room.

Tip 1    Take into account the height of those in your household when deciding how high to hang the pendants. If they are hung too high then you may see a glare from the bulb.

Tip 2  Add a dimmer switch to increase the versatility of the pendant lights. They can provide either task or mood lighting.

Tip 3 4. Try to find a fixture that can complement the finishes of your faucets, counter tops, and cabinets. Colorful mini pendants can tie everything together if chosen carefully. Visit our mini pendant page to see the full range of products and styles that are available.

Tip 4  3. Center the fixtures over the counter.

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The graceful curved iron work of the Aren chandelier invites the eye up and creates a beautiful focal point to this kitchen. The Olde Bronze finish is complimented with Burnished Bronze accents which bring out the best in the cased opal glass. Not shown here, the chandelier can be converted to a semi-flush ceiling light for added flexibility.

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In striving to maintain our standing as the best source for LED lighting in Canada and with our policy of only stocking the best quality product for our customers we are happy to introduce a new selection of  LED disc or puck lights for under cabinet installation.

The problem with most LED undercabinet lighting systems is that the fixutures do not produce near enough light output additionally the colour of the light is too cold or blue  and  the beam spread is too narrow.

Norburn is now stocking Canadian made MP Lighting’s L58 disc / puck. This sleek LED fixtures  produces a comparable qualtiy of  light similar to our xenon pucks but the LED fixture consumes a scant 2.5w of energy. Insallation currently is surface mount only,  you can space them every 1.5-2ft just like the xenon ones.

Call or visit one of our showrooms today for more information!

Burnaby – 604 299 0666 or Langley 604 533 8163

Commercial inquiries call James 604 803 8194

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