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Norburn Hinkley Lighting

Norburn Hinkley Lighting

Hinkley Lighting began in 1922 as a small family lighting company and has developed into one of the most well-respected designers and manufacturers of high-quality lighting fixtures in the world. Hinkley Lighting has always been defined by superior materials, distinctive designs and unparalleled craftsmanship. Hinkley Lighting continues to evolve while maintaining its tradition of unique designs and enduring quality.


Excelling in sophisticated and luxurious lighting designs from chandeliers to wall sconces to landscape lighting, Hinkley lighting has something for all your lighting needs if you’re all about elaborate cuts and finesse. Holding its grounds on the basic theme of perfectly handcrafted designs, Hinkley Lighting offers ceiling lighting ranging from the big and heavy crystal chandeliers to esoteric  yet elegant ceiling pendants, bathroom lighting and lamps. Excellent execution of fine craftsmanship in styles like Williamsburg, Traditional, Southwestern, Wrought Iron, and Transitional.

Product Line

Offering a wide range of lighting solutions, Hinkley Lighting divides its products into categories like outdoor lighting, wall lighting, light bulbs, cabinet lighting, and ceiling lighting wall lighting, and lamps. More precise view of the work pieces can be found by going through various collections from the brand which range from chandeliers to foyer lantern to picture light, and wall swing lamps.

Norburn Lighting is proud to be the go to store for Hinkley Lighting in Vancouver.  The Authority on Lighting for over Forty Years. Vancouver’s Home Lighting Store.


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It is that time of year when we turn our attention to lighting the exterior of our homes, condos, townhouses and apartments with festive christmas lighting. It is also a great time to look at changing or enhancing your landscape or garden lighting to reflect the change in season and try something different. Check our FAQ section of our website to learn more about the different techniques you can use to create some curb appeal.

For the best selection of outdoor garden and landscape lighting in the Vancouver area make sure to visit Norburn Lighting. All of our staff are factory trained ALA lighting specialist. We carry Hadco, Hinkley, Kichler, Quoizel, Progress, WAC and more leading manufacturers.

Outdoor Lighting Scene

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For the illumination of pathways and horizontal lighting a bollard/ beacon fixture is ideal.

When you think of bollard lights you may first think of commercial bollard lights as they are most often used to light pathways and landscaped spaces in public areas like businesses or parks. But bollard lighting, especially some of the new styles now available at Norburn, can also be effectively and attractively in residential landscape lighting applications as well.

If you have a long driveway or a larger property with walkways bollard lights can be used as a good choice. Traditionally bollard lighting is used to separate pedestrian and non-pedestrian areas so they work well as path lights or along a long driveway.

If you don’t have a large property or you simply want smaller lights you can find some very attractive small bollard lights also called mini bollards and even smaller versions called beacons.

Bollard Landscape Light

Bollard landscape lights can work really well either at the beginning of the driveway, one on either side, or by your entryway. They can help provide definition while also supplying additional light to highlight a landscaped area and also provide greater visibility at night.

Bollard landscape lighting is also commonly used to separate different landscaped areas of the yard. They can be used by stairs to provide additional light or in areas where the landscape changes and there are terraced levels. Often times compact bollard lights work well for terraced landscape lighting..

When thoughtfully planned and installed bollard landscape lighting can greatly improve the look and feel of your yard at night.

We are proud to introduce the latest collection of Bollards from Phillips Hadco now in stock at Norburn.

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Norburn Lighting has been the destination store for Landscape Lighting in Vancouver and Burnaby for the past 40 years. No one has a better selection of Outdoor Garden Lighting than Norburn. Brands Like Hadco, Kichler, Hinkley and Philips the best names in out door lighting, low voltage landscape lighting experts on staff.

LED landscape lighting makes a bold statement; it captivates, inspires and creates security and comfort. It is also a sustainable and enduring solution that saves energy. At Norburn Lighting and Bath we simplify your life by providing the outdoor lighting solutions you need.

We are pleased to introduce you to the latest in our evolving and broad range of LED lighting products, from Hadco the BL5016 low voltage bullet light with EndurLED MR 16 LED lamp delivers just what is needed for a variety of landscape lighting applications. Combining the proven durability of the rugged BL5016 bullet style luminarie with best in its class Philips MR16 LED replacement lamp, the LED uses a scant 7watt of energy and is equivalent to a 35a watt halogen and provides years of unmatched performance and minimal maintenance. The BL5016 design compliments any landscape, with die cast marine grade construction it withstands the rigors of many environments. The fully rotatable shroud enables precise glare control. It is also features a double gasket to protect the socket against moisture damage. The clear tempered glass lens is angled at 10 degrees to promote natural cleaning. Its swivel arm provides a full 360 degrees of adjustment and includes integral locking vibration proof teeth, so you can set it and forget, no need to tighten later. The BL5016 is a dependable, worry free landscape lighting solution now with LED. The Philips EnduraLED MR 16 lamp was tested with the BL5016 to ensure that it would operate for many years under a variety of environmental conditions with crisp white light and uniform beam.

view our landscape lighting selection here…

The BL5016 low voltage bullet light with EndurLED MR 16 LED lamp delivers just what is needed for a variety of landscape lighting applicationssuch as, spot lighting, accent lighting, mirror lighting, grazing, moon lighting in large trees, up-lighting, sign lighting and down-lighting. The unparalleled energy savings of LED reduces your carbon foot print and saves you money.

The BL5016 EndurLED MR16 LED is available in warm and cool color temperatures and 3 finishes; Black, Bronze and Verde it has a 24 degree beam angle provides a clearly defined beam spread. The BL5016 EnduraLED is in stock now at Norburn Lighting and Bath. Save money while you help save the planet, you can feel confident buying from Norburn, the LED experts in Canada.

High Efficacy LED Accent

• Improved transformer compatibility

• Instant-on light

• Emits virtually no UV/IR light beam

• 20,000+ hours rated life

• CCT: 2700K, 4000K

• No UV and Cool Beam (no IR)

• Contains no mercury

• Delivers quality white light and a crisp, uniform beam

• 7W MR16 features active cooling technology to disperse heat

• 80% energy savings compared to a 35W 12VAC halogen lamp

• Broadest 12VAC halogen electronic transformer compatibility

• 24º beam angle for a clearly defined beam spread

• Environmentally friendly, without Mercury or any other hazardous substances

• RoHS complaint

view our landscape lighting selection here…

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Why Landscape Lighting From

When night falls, the details you’ve worked so hard to include in your residential landscape should truly come into focus. That is if they have the benefit of exterior lighting to illuminate them. Landscape lighting provides a
unique and aesthetically pleasing dynamic to any yard, garden, patio, walking path, or common area. Norburn is your source for the landscape lighting products to bring these spaces to life after the sun goes down, providing unmatched quality and an aesthetic effect while adding safety and usability.

What you need to know

Designing and installing a low voltage landscape lighting system looks easy… buy some lights, some wire, a transformer and hook them up.  Unfortunately this can be recipe for disappointment – you likely won’t be happy with the final performance of the system.  In addition to diminished bulb life, a poorly planned installation will suffer the effects of the Pacific Northwest coastal climate resulting in fixtures and sockets corroding and the entire installation failing.  A well planned landscape lighting installation will work properly and last 15 or 20 years.

Start with a well designed System

The design of a landscape lighting system is part art and part science.  It’s about understanding how much light is needed and determining what the focal points will be.  The choice of fixture, bulb wattage, beam spread, placement position and angle for each and every light source are a critical to the performance and success of the system.  The correct location of the transformers and wiring routes are vital to ensure every fixture has a bright white bulb that will last its rated life.

Use components that are built to last

There is currently is a wide variety of landscape lighting components available to consumers.  The materials used and levels of quality vary considerably and the differences can significantly affect your systems long term operation and viability.  Be sure you choose components that are built to last, not those that are built to a price.

Construction materials

Landscape lighting fixtures today are made from a wide variety of materials including plastic, aluminum, copper, stainless steel or brass.  Plastic is used in the lowest cost multi-pack systems; aluminum is the most popular material today. Not all aluminum fixtures are created equally.  Lower cost fixtures are made from aluminum alloys that contain other metal to keep the cost of the material down.  This, however, makes it more difficult for the paint to stick to the surface of the fixture resulting in premature paint peeling and chipping, which then allows the soil to corrode the unprotected aluminum itself.  Better quality aluminum fixtures are made from higher quality marine-grade aluminum to eliminate the paint adhesion problem.  Many higher quality fixtures are made from natural copper, brass or stainless steel.  As with aluminum there is a wide range of quality to be found.


The paint on lower cost fixtures is simply sprayed onto the fixture and can easily be chipped or scratched.  Higher quality fixtures use an electrostatic powder-coating process which is then baked onto the fixture in an oven.  This process produces a significantly more durable finish that is practically chip and scratch proof.

Trapping water

When fixtures are pointed upwards to illuminate trees they are prone to water build-up on the lens.  It is therefore important to choose fixtures that do not allow any water to become trapped on the lens or leak though to the bulb and socket housing. Look for double gaskets on the fixture shroud.


The transformer is the heart of a low voltage lighting system.  It converts the 120V house current into the safe low voltage to power the lighting fixtures. It is important is to use a multi-tap or multi-voltage transformer for your system.  This allows the designer and installer to ensure that each and every fixture gets the proper volts
needed for the long life of the system bulbs.  A lower cost single tap transformer (that only puts out 12V) will almost certainly not allow the correct working voltage for every fixture and the system will suffer early bulb

What about solar powered light fixtures?

While simple to install, solar powered light fixtures are typically seriously under powered.  The solar units typically output a fraction of the light that a low voltage lighting system will provide.  The durability of the solar units is also poor as the batteries soon wear out due to the constant charge and discharge cycle.  Also,
overcast days will not allow the batteries to charge enough to power the units for the night.

A Low Voltage Lighting System from Norburn offers the greatest versatility with hundreds of  fixture combination’s for every landscape lighting application. For over 40 years Norburn has provided the broadest selection of quality products and superior service to help navigate the choices to ensure you get what you need. When you shop at Norburn you can rest assured it will be done right.

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At Norburn Lighting we pride ourselves on our dedication to staff training about the products we sell, we also enjoy keeping abreast of the leading trends to better service our clients in the Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Langley, Fraser Valley and the surrounding areas. We stay excited and our customers always get a fresh innovative perspective when it comes to their home design.

While outdoor living continues to grow in popularity, expect fewer frills this year as homeowners get back to the basics in a cool economy, according to an American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) survey of residential landscape architects. Overall, 94.4 percent of residential landscape architects rate outdoor living spaces like kitchens or entertaining space as somewhat or very popular for 2010. Among kitchen features, the most popular include the classic outdoor grill (94.4 percent) and counter space (73.5 percent). More elaborate kitchen elements like outdoor refrigerators (52.8 percent) and sinks (50 percent) were much less popular.

Following a similar trend, the most popular outdoor entertainment features eschewed more expensive, elaborate items in favour of the essentials.

Outdoor Living Features (Percent rating somewhat or very popular for 2010)

Seating/dining areas – 95.6% Grills – 94.4%

 Fire pits/fireplace – 94%

Lighting – 93.4%

 Installed seating (benches, seatwalls, ledges, steps, boulders) – 90.6%

 Weatherized outdoor furniture – 77.1% Counter space – 73.5%

Utility storage – 66.7%

Stereo systems 57.2%

 Refrigerators – 52.8%

Sinks – 50.0%

Wireless/Internet connectivity – 44.1%

Outdoor heaters – 43.8%

Showers/bathing – 36.5%

Outdoor cooling systems (including fans) – 36.5%

Televisions/projection screens – 35.6%

 Bedrooms/sleeping spaces – 5.6%

“Homeowners want to create a sense of place for their family, friends, and neighbors to enjoy outside, but an uncertain economy means many will dial back some of the extra features we’ve seen in past years,” said ASLA Executive Vice President and CEO Nancy Somerville, Hon. ASLA.

Among landscape and garden features, 2010 will feature an increase of design elements that reduce time and money. Topping the list are low-maintenance landscapes (94 percent); drip/water-efficient irrigation (85.2 percent); native/adapted drought tolerant plants (85.2 percent); and less lawn (73.9 percent). Other popular features include fountains/water features (87.8 percent) and food/vegetable gardens (78.5 percent).

The survey asked residential landscape architects about the estimated popularity of various design elements for 2010. The survey was fielded January 25 to February 12, with 182 responding.

Source: ASLA

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The Dark Sky movement is a campaign by people who want to reduce light pollution so people can see the stars in the night sky, to reduce the effects of unnatural lighting on the environment, and to cut down on energy usage. The movement started with professional and amateur astronomers alarmed that nocturnal glow from urban areas was blotting out the sight of stars

The dark-sky movement’s main activity is to encourage the use of full cutoff fixtures that cast little or no light upward, in public areas and generally to encourage communities to adopt lighting regulations. Above is a useful guide for choosing fixtures that reduce light pollution.
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