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If you have followed Steven and Chris through their hit television shows, you know their approach to design is more about helping you find your personal style and less about
imposing their personal taste. Experienced and charismatic designers, Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndman provide insight into design and help people in pursuit of beautiful living spaces. They have teamed with Artcraft to launch their own line of lighting products, now available at Norburn.

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Residential, retail, commercial… it’s the right light. No matter what the environment the Juno LED Downlight is the new, improved approach to recessed lighting. Extremely low energy consumption, remarkably long life, minimal heat generation, and uniform illumination make it the right answer for so many applications.Three color temperatures; 3000K,3500K and 4100K, are available in five and six-inch housings in new construction and remodel styles. All housings are IC-rated for use in either insulated or non-insulated ceiling.
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This is a free webinar from GE explaining applications, reliability and the current state of the industry. Take a few minutes to register and sit back and watch at your own pace. Some parts are a little dry but overall very informative. Sponsored by GE so they promote GE but the information is valuable.

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Backed by 50 years of research, the Heritage™, like all Verilux products – has all the benefits of full spectrum daylight scientifically tuned to the human eye™, without any of the harmful UV and glare.
The timeless design and ultimate function of the Heritageâ„¢ makes it the finest reading lamp in the world. Features include:

  • All-metal construction, with a hand-polished antiqued brushed nickel or brass finish
  • Microprocessor controlled power adapter
  • Verilux® technologies of:
    • Flicker Elimination Technology® which adjusts light output 20,000 times each second so your eyes relax.
    • Optix® glare control- a revolutionary filtration system which focuses the rays of light so they provide unparalleled color rendering, higher black-and-white contrast and no glare from shiny magazine pages.
    • Ergonomic design that allows easy height and light direction.

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ASPIRE RFâ„¢ with Z-Waveâ„¢ technology represents an exciting new generation of easy-to-install and easy-to-use wireless RF-based home
control technology. With a selection of one-touch controllers and a range of wiring devices that can be fully integrated, creating a wireless
home control network using ASPIRE RF is easily within your reach.

Installing an ASPIRE RF wireless system requires no special wiring or rewiring -ideal for new home construction and retrofitting of existing homes.

Add any electrical device to the network, either by plugging it into a networked ASPIRE RF receptacle, or by purchasing a Z-Wave capable product with built-in networking capability.

Each device in your network can be assigned an automatic name or personalized at installation, allowing easy reference for one-touch control or inclusion in a lighting scene or timed “event”.

Control over 200 devices with a single controller, either around your primary residence, or at a remote location using a home computer, PDA or mobile phone.

ASPIRE RF is one of the most reliable RF wireless networks because each device acts as a repeater to ensure that the command signal is carried out through a unique “mesh network”. If the signal from the controller cannot reach a device directly, it is automatically rerouted through the network of Z-Wave devices in the home to reach the correct device.

The ASPIRE RF network operates at 908 MHz and does not interfere with other household appliances, electronics, telephones or other RF signals.

Each home network has a unique Home ID eliminating any possibility of your controller affecting your neighbor’s lights or home devices.

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In 2012 tough new energy efficiency standards for incandescent bulbs take place in the USA and by proxy in Canada. That does not mean the end of the incandescent bulb as we know it. Researchers have been active developing more efficient incandescent bulbs to meet the needs of consumers looking for a light source that cannot always be replaced by CFL or LED technology. Read the following article in the NY Times

Incandescent Bulbs Return to the Cutting Edge –

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All Tuzio towel warmers are manufactured from materials of the finest quality and include a 5-year warranty. Almost every style is available for either hydronic (hot water), electric plug-in, or electric hard wireinstallation. All electric models are fluid-filled and run at 110V using a heating element (1-year warranty) with an internally programmed thermostat and safety cut-out switch for maximum safety and comfort. All hardwired models are now supplied including a digital timer featuring 7-day programming and a manual on-off switch. Choose from our wide range of styles and finishes to find the products which best complement your home.

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The Antilia basin would work wonderfully in a contemporary setting. Its solid, simple style curiously juxtaposes with its material: delicate glass. The feel of the Antilia basin likewise presents a paradox – the strong presence of its form dominates and demands attention, yet the sink would blend well into any existing modern decor. The unobtrusive design and muted color of this decorated basin means that although it is bold, it need not take over. The textured surface adds interest and a tactile aspect to the basin… it beckons to be touched.