Quoizel Lighting
Quoizel Lighting

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Quoizel Lighting offers a wide variety of elegant and stylish lighting designs to accent both the interior and the exterior of your home.


Established back in 1930, Quoizel Lighting is a family owned business which has been successfully creating lighting and home accessories that are timeless and exquisite. Offering a fine line of decorative lighting and accessories, the brand is now one of the leading manufacturers of fashion lighting in the market. The company’s idea behind creating magnificent designs is emphasizing on form and function of the fixture instead of blindly following the trend and the day.


Quoizel’s style, instead of being limited to one particular genre, is all about creating masterpieces that grow value instead of fading away. The range of products from the company, from ceiling to outdoor lighting and lamps, plays with a multitude of styles that run along a spectrum of Traditional, Transitional, and Modern-contemporary to Rustic, Craftsman-mission, and Vintage. The famous stained glass wall sconces, crystal chandeliers, and floor lighting from the brand turns your home into a vivid and vibrant space because of their playful touch of classic earthly shades like reds, yellows, and oranges.

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Product line

Quoizel Lighting offers a broad catalog with an impressive number of products to choose from. High end ceiling, wall and outdoor lighting along with the signature stained glass lamps, home decor pieces, cabinet lighting.The brand offers about 190 different collections each based on a different style or a different theme. Some of the well loved collections include the Tiffany, Duchess, Downtown, Hillcrest, and Monterey Mosaic.